Terms and Conditions

Manchester English School
Terms and conditions
These terms and conditions apply to all students at the Manchester English School. All students who enrol for any course at the school must accept and fully agree with the school terms and conditions.
1. Days of opening
The school is open for classes from Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm. The school will be closed for public holidays and a two week winter break.
2. Teaching Timetable
The school timetable is Mornings 9am to 12.50am – Afternoon 2pm to 4.50pm.
Teaching time is 16.7 hours. Each lesson is 50 minutes long, with a 10 minute break between lessons.
3. Course Fees
Course fees cover only the school tuition fees. Course fees do not include fees for: books, materials, external examination fees, registration fees, accommodation, social activities or transport.
4. Course Books
Students will require course books to study at the school. Course books can be bought be bought from the school or from any bookshop. FCE book £30 – New English File £30 – Direct Method £20.
5. Class Sizes
The school class size is set at a maximum of 14 students for General English classes and 16 students for Academic classes (FCE).
6. Minimum Enrolment age is 18 years

7. Student Identification details
The school will ask all students for valid Identification, a copy of their passport or ID card. International students must hold a valid visa. All students must have legal status to study in the United Kingdom.
8. Changes in Course/class times
The school reserves the right to change your course, class and time.
9. Extension or reduction of course
1. Any extensions for existing courses will be charged at the student’s current or previous ‘price per lesson’ band.
E.g. If a student is studying at £4.00 per lesson band all their future extensions of course will be at the same price band.
2. Any reductions of courses will be charged according to the price band applicable to the duration the course has been reduced to and the student will have to pay any extra balance which will be due as a result.
E.g. If the student reduces the course from 24 weeks to 12 weeks, the students course price will be changed to the price band applicable at 12 weeks and not 24 weeks.

10. Refund Policy all students
No refund can be made to students once their course has started.
1. Once you start your course NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
2. No refunds will be given for early departure, absence or illness during the course or for a reduction in previously booked hours.
3. A credit note may be given and can be used within one year.
4. No refund will be given if a student is dismissed for poor attendance or disciplinary reasons.
5. No transfer of courses in whole or in part can be made to other students.
6. No refund on any course books bought.
11A. Definition
International student is one who has been sponsored by the school to come and study in the UK under a Student Visitor Visa for 6 months or an Extended Student Visitor Visa for 11 months.
Students with Visitor Visa can study in the school for only a period of 30 days.
11. Refund Policy -International Students
1. If you are refused a visa the school will refund the deposit less a refund administration fee of £250.00.
2. Once a student visa is granted by UKBA no refund will be given and the student must attend their course.
3. No refund will be given under the following circumstances;
i. You submit false documents, or falsify any part of your application.
ii. You fail to show sufficient funds to pay for your course and living costs, (Minimum £800 pm)
iii. If you are deemed to not be a genuine student,
iv. If you change your mind. or if you decide not to apply for a visa after Visa Documents have been sent to you.
4. To claim a refund you must send the Original Visa Refusal Letter to the school.
5. Refunds will take a minimum of 4 – 12 weeks to be processed.
12. Deferring Your Course
You may stop or defer your course for up to one year.
13. Attendance
You are required to inform the school of any absences you take. Failure to liaise with the school may result in the school suspending your course and your continuation will be dependent upon the schools discretion.
14. Missed Classes
Your course will not be extended due to missed classes or personal unavailability to attend classes.
15. Illness
Absences due to illness will only be added to the course if more than 3 days and you provide a doctors certificate. Periods of illness less than 3 days will not be added to your course.
16. Holidays
The school must be notified of all holidays at least one week in advance. Only holidays over three days will be added to your course. Holidays under 3 days will not be extended. A holiday request form should be submitted for all holidays.
Holiday allowances:
1 to 4 weeks – 1 week
5 to 11 weeks – 2 weeks
12 weeks and more – 4 weeks
If you wish to take more holidays than the allowance an Administration fee £20 will be applied to each batch of holidays taken. If you wish to exceed the allowance for circumstances out of your control then you may put forward you reasons in writing and they will be given upon the Directors discretion.
17. Complaints Procedure

The school has a formal complaints procedure. If you wish to register a complaint please ask any of the administration staff for a complaints form.

18. Abusive/Harassment/Bullying/Violent Behaviour

The school will not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour, harassment, bullying or violence from staff or students. Staff will be subject to the contractual disciplinary procedure. Students will face a cause of concern procedure as in point 20.

19.Disciplinary Procedure

The school has a formal procedure for dealing with all disciplinary matters.
• In non serious matters a verbal warning will be given and no formal record kept.

For more serious matters a Cause of Concern form will be opened and a written record will be kept. The outcome of a Cause of Concern will depend on the actual problem but may result in:
1. No further action.
2. Monitoring and a further review.
3. Expulsion

20. Student Expulsion/Abusive behaviour/Attendance

Any student who commits a serious gross misconduct or displays abusive behaviour to any staff or fellow student shall be expelled or subject to the school disciplinary procedure. If the student is expelled no refund will be given. International students failing to maintain attendance level of 80% or more will be expelled.

21. 24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

The school has a 24 hour contact number for emergencies – 07814 743808
Revised: 25 February 2014.
22. Accommodation Terms and Conditions
22. Once you have started your Accommodation any rent paid will not be refunded.
23. The school reserves the right to chose the appropriate Accommodation for the student
24. If the students does not follow reasonable behaviour or the conduct rules of the Host or causes grievance they will be subject to a disciplinary procedure
25. Students who continue in misconduct after a disciplinary procedure can be removed from Accommodation without an alternative and no refund will be given in such a case.
26. If students want to leave their accommodation earlier than expected they have to tell the school the school and host family.
27. Any rent paid in advance will not be refunded.
28. If students want to stay longer with their host than expected they have to tell the school at least TWO WEEKS in advance.
29. If students have any problems with their host family please arrange to speak to the Accommodation Officer so that the problem can be solved. If there is no other solution the Accommodation Officer will arrange for them to move to a different host. This will take up to a maximum of two weeks.

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